Facta Buildings SIA is a construction factory that produces custom wood-based elements for commercial industry and residential construction. The prefabricated element solution is individually adapted to each building project. Facta Buildings SIA is an order-producing company that manufactures elements such as facades, roof elements and dividers, but also custom elements for industry.

Facta Buildings SIA was founded in 2001, in Latvia, under Danish management. The company’s founders are experienced Danish engineers and constructors. By pre-producing elements under controlled conditions in factory we can achieve efficiency and a quality that benefits the customer in many ways.

Facta Buildings SIA follows the standard as prescribed in prEN 14732.

Facta Buildings SIA builds industrial buildings, detached houses, summer houses and pavilions to many countries, but especially countries in Scandinavia.

Facta Buildings SIA operates its own design studio and can therefore adapt to variety of different constructions based on the client’s desire.

With decades of experience we offer flexibility and cost consciousness to provide maximum value to our customers.

Facta Buildings SIA factory, design studio, experience and logistics combined with placement in relatively low-wage areas, enables Facta Buildings SIA to deliver quality construction at competitive prices.

Facta Buildings SIA also offers the possibility of self or co-build for both individuals, government and companies.